mnmlist: 5 Phone Apps for Parkour

What is parkour?

Parkour is an exciting sport founded by David Belle, borrowing heavily from military training courses. The goal is to move as fast and efficiently as possible from one point to another. Training involves leaping, climbing, rolling, and other types of movement. As with other sports, parkour training can benefit from the use of technology. Apps can help motivate, track goals, and measure fitness. Here are five phone apps you can use to enhance your parkour training today:

1. Argus

Argus is a free alternative to the pricey Fitbit One, Jawbone UP, and Nike+ FuelBand. Instead of using a seperate piece of hardware, Argus uses just your smartphone, no need to purchase any other device. Note: Only available for iOS.

2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

The Endomondo Sports Tracker appĀ uses the GPS on your phones to track a variety of activities. This includes all of the different types of moves you use while practicing parkour. Endomondo has a social aspect to it, the app allows you to share your stats with friends. Endomondo can also connect with a host of other devices, like sports watches. Endomondo is available on all of the leading mobile operating systems.

3. Fitocracy

Fitocracy is another tracking app you can use. Like Endomondo, there is a social component with Fitocracy. Fitocracy tries to “gamify” fitness. Connect with other parkour practitioners, setup groups, view each other’s workouts, and have some friendly fitness competition.

4. Tempo Run

Music has been clinically shown to be a very useful tool when working out. But what should you listen to? Tempo Run will give you the answer. Tempo Run looks at your music library and organizes all tracks based on their tempo. You then have tailored made suggestions for what to listen to based on your running speed!


Carrot isn’t really a dedicated fitness app. Rather it is a fabulous to do list. Described as a to do list with personality, CARROT will help you get the important things done in your life, parkour training included. You will never meet your goals if you don’t consistently put in work. Don’t get distracted or forget, use CARROT to stay on track.

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